Bear Escape (8B Games) Game

Bear Escape (8B Games)

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With the name fantasy forest, you're thinking that you'll be seeing fantastic beasts. You really like the movie and anything that has fantasy, you're expecting to see similar creatures. But in this fantasy forest, it's not the case. Instead of finding magical creatures, what you can see is just a bear. And this bear is inside the cage locked up. Then you remember a saying about a bear. Now you're having second thoughts if you really want to help the bear get out. You're safer if it's inside. But it won't enjoy its freedom. However, if you let it out, you'll be in danger of being attacked. But your love for freedom prevails and you attempt to open the cage. Then again, it's not that easy. The lock requires a lot of things. And these things you can find if you look around the forest.

So you start your search around the forest. Then again, there are lots of fascinating things in the forest that your focus sometimes shifts. It usually takes a lot of minutes before you can get back on track of finding things. The bear may be getting restless but so are you. Play Bear Escape (8B Games) outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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