Beach Bungalow Escape Game

Beach Bungalow Escape

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It feels nice to have a vacation and what other places to have it than the beach? You are ready to beat the heat but you realized that you forgot your sunblock. You don't want to get out without protection because it can cause your skin to dry and that's not pretty. So to stay in your beach bungalow and watch tv is just the best thing to do. You have the most extravagant bungalow and the most expensive one too. But that is worth it because you can get the nice view of the sunrise and sunset from your bungalow. You waited for the sun to come down before you go out and play in the sand. However, you got hungry and need to eat. Since there is no room service in this beach, you have to go out and buy snacks on your own.

But when you are about to open the door, you realized that the key is not in your pocket. Nevertheless, you are quite sure that it is just inside this beach bungalow. Find the key to open the locked door. Beach Bungalow Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Have fun!


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