Bat Castle Game

Bat Castle

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What is the grandson thinking messing up with the events of his life? It would have been okay if it was only him. But now his grandpa is very worried about him. Who knows where his soul is right now or what's it doing. All you know is that you have to take it back for the sake of his grandpa. You somehow don't really care about this careless grandson. But then the grandpa must have sensed this from you. So he's asking you to think of his grandson as well. He knows you don't know who he is. But pretty sure when you meet him, you'll be very thankful that you're caring for him. You put his words in your heart and continue with the rest of the journey. The road once more is not sugar-coated. But it seems like you're more than ready to face it.

So off you go trying to complete the missing parts of your journey. A part of you honestly doesn't want this to end. It's one of those times where you feel like your presence is important. And that your existence plays a great role in someone else's life. Now face the castle with bats. Play Bat Castle room escape game by Enagames.


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