Bang The Crackers Game

Bang The Crackers

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You really like staying with your grandpa during New Year. He is usually alone and you always find him sleeping. But he has a lot of things that you find interesting. So when he's still sleeping, you just roam around his house and open every closed doors and things you can find. There, you found very old pictures of him. These gave you the glimpse to his life back then. Your grandpa must have an easy life ever since. The houses you're seeing on the pictures are huge. But he never tells you any stories about it. He tells you of his adventures back then and how his parents would scold him most of the time. But he never mentions about their wealth. Even his house at the moment doesn't show any hints of his hidden wealth. So you plan to pull a prank.

You spend the next minutes planning your next perfect move. However, to pull this off, you need to find all the firecrackers in this house. For all the times you're exploring, you haven't seen one. But you know he is keeping some. Play Bang The Crackers outdoor escape game by Enagames and hopefully get the truth about him.


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