Bamboo Forest Monkey Escape Game

Bamboo Forest Monkey Escape

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You are a nature photographer from the Philippines and was sent on a project funded by the National Geographic Channel. Your destination is China and your mission is to capture what best describes the country so you decided to go to a certain bamboo-infested place to capture this versatile woody grass since it resonates China's ability and flexibility to adapt to anything. In your pursuit of the perfect shot you didn't notice that you were already heading towards the densest part of the bamboo forest. You heard shrieks and metal clanks nearby, you tried to locate where the sound was coming from and, to your surprise, was standing in front of a rusty metal cage, inside was a monkey trying his best to escape from the cage. You looked around and the place resembles an encampment of poachers or hunters, probably people who try to sell animals to the black market. Help the poor monkey and flee the situation before the poachers arrive.

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