Babysitter Escape Game

Babysitter Escape

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Babysitter Escape is a point and click escape game from 123Bee. Imagine you are a baby-sitter of a wealthy family. One day the father asked you to pretend your mom during the next week that your class was going to a classtrip and you could be able to go over and take care of his child for one week. For this unprecedented action he ws going to pay you twice as much as he had done before. You accepted his proposal and the next week moved into their house for one week. At first everything went well, you fetched the small boy in the kindergarten on schedule. One day you were cleaning the livingroom when you realized you are in late and the boy must be waiting for you after his football training. You put on your shoes and were ready to leave but found the entrance locked and the keys were missing. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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