Baby Mammoth Escape Game

Baby Mammoth Escape

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Your name is Alexander Ophrim, just an ordinary Joe but with the passion for the prehistoric era from ancient cave paintings to extinct creatures and critters. A world-famous speleologist, Viktor Stratum, asked you to accompany him to a virgin cave system located in the remote island clusters of Irithu, believed to be the first places inhabited by creatures and humans alike. The cave system had spectacularly-shaped stalactites and stalagmites--helictites too. After a three-hour creep and crawl inside the Irithu caves you and Mr. Stratum finally finds the cave's biggest space, the two of you stood in awe of the magnificent space until something caught your ear's attention...a sound, a moan, a cry; surveying the area, you and Mr. Stratum were bedazzled to see something that wasn't supposed to exist--not anymore, that is. A baby Woolly Mammoth. The moment you were about to go near the mammoth, an earthquake acted up sending mineral and rock debris blocking the entrance to the vast space. Now you and Mr. Stratum has to look for ways to get out of the cave and save the baby mammoth. Live to break the history books.

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