Asylum Survival Escape Day 2 Game

Asylum Survival Escape Day 2

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Asylum Survival Escape Day 2 is game made by Selfdefiant. Imagine you have been living in a house on the shore for years. When you moved here an old abandoned house immediately rose your interest which semmed to operated as an asylum in the past but have been closed since a long time. Your parents banned you to dare inside that area. One day they travelled abroad leaving you alone with your grandma. One day after the school on the way home you deviated from the road and started to explore this old place. When you entered you realized it was not as scary as from outside. You roamed it through then suddenly heared a bump. You realized it was the sound of the entrance door shut. You went to check it but found it locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!



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