Artisan House Escape Game

Artisan House Escape

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You have been doing a really undutiful job since you were fired from your last workplace. Your current job requires a lot of calmness and patience. You need to sell the products of a company which deals with electrical devices, by promoting them from house to house. On this sunny morning you stumbled upon a neat house, and a kind old lady with a soft voice opened the front door and welcomed you. She refused to buy anything but invited you inside for a coffee. You didn't suspect anything bad, any ulterior motive, so entered the house and settled into the sofa in the living room. A couple of minutes passed and she didn't return from the kitchen. You shouted but only your echo came back moments later. You also wanted to get out into the garden to check if she was there but found the door locked. Search for different objects around the house and fit them together to open it somehow. Good luck!

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