Arctic Winds Escape Game

Arctic Winds Escape

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Artic Winds Redoubt, the legendary palace that disappeared for hundreds of years now suddenly returns. The disturbance in radio signals alerted the military base nearby. The troops cannot believe their eyes because for twenty years that the base had been there, the adjacent mountain lay bare. Furthermore, they even had excursions in the area. Now, a part of the snowy stretch is a fortress of great size. The master chief gathers his troops to take a closer look.

Following their usual trail, it was never an easy walk. Nevertheless, they need to reach the fortress to see if anyone is residing it. They had not yet reached the entrance when a huge, white dragon appears from the fortress. The troops were startled but the dragon only looked at them with calm. It spoke to them telepathically and invited them inside the fortress. Is it really an invitation or a trap?


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