Aquatic World Escape Game

Aquatic World Escape

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Aquatic World Escape is an escape game in which you were on a big ship, traveling to take a vacation on an exotic island. But during your trip, something went wrong and the ship hit a big rock. This made the ship started sinking. As there were not so many people on the ship, they all got in some emergency boats and escaped from the ship. You arrived late on the deck and they were all gone already. So you remained alone on the sinking ship and got underwater together with the boat. Here it seems like it's another world, the world of fish and marine creatures. Even if you like and enjoy it, you should find a way to escape as soon as possible, because you can't survive for long underwater. Good luck!



  1. Date: February 25, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    lovely scenes, funny!

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