Antique Village Escape Episode 2 Game

Antique Village Escape Episode 2

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You really love antiques so much. So every time you see an antique shop, you never think twice to enter it. However, some objects in the shop are really magical. Antique means things from the past so there is a huge chance that it is from someone who is already dead. Some of those people also love these items so much that they had a special connection with it. Especially the antique mirror that you bought last week. It so weird that everytime that you look in the mirror, you always go back to where you bought it. And that is in the Antique Village. You can't break the spell but what you can do is to escape from the Antique Village.

This is a huge puzzle that you need to solve. And there are clues that can help you to complete this puzzle. This could be the biggest mystery in your life and it would be cool if you can solve it. Play Antique Village Escape Episode 2 outdoor escape game from Mouse City and Hidden Key Games. Use your logic and make sure to always look deeper on the objects that you will buy. Good luck and have fun!


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