Antique Palace Escape Game

Antique Palace Escape

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You and your friends are out to make an impressive video through your phones. You want to take random videos and make a story out of it. Before going to various locations, your friend rolls some paper. On these paper are locations where you'll shoot your video. You are not going to talk about your concepts. You just have to capture what you feel ad then you'll stitch it all together. The filming location will be a palace. It's quite weird how no one decides to take care of the place and open it as a museum. It just stands there open. But despite the lack of security around the palace, no one dares enter and take something out. You're thinking there might be some CCTVs inside and the police are always on the alert. But for many days that you're looking at the palace, someone seems to look back.

All of you will be getting a specific room in the palace. Although it's easier to stitch the videos, it still is creepy. However, the rest of them are okay with the idea and you follow along. You scatter inside the palace and promise to communicate with each other. But after a few minutes, you can't hear any voices or footsteps anymore. You want to continue with your video but something feels strange and it makes you want to escape. Play Antique Palace Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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