Ant Cart Escape Game

Ant Cart Escape

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You are an entomologist which specializes on the life of ants. Everything and anything that has something to do with ants, you study it; patterns, behavior, physical features, etc.

You were sponsored to go on a one month expedition in an undisclosed location in North America to investigate and/or try to locate a certain species of ants. More than halfway on your expedition, you happened to locate that certain species you were looking for--luck was with you!

You collected some ants and put them inside a glass jar, you then collected samples of the dirt surrounding the ant colony. You were about to head back towards your base camp when all of a sudden the bushes nearby shook. You stopped for a while, waiting for something to happen. Indeed something happened. Two huge anteaters--a hybrid, you guessed--started to charge towards you! Try to escape the anteaters and bring your specimens and samples back to your base camp.

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