Ancient Shrine Escape Game

Ancient Shrine Escape

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In your search for antiques and anything that's old, you found yourself trapped in an ancient shrine. It wasn't your attention obviously. What you wanted was just to be the discoverer of something that held so much importance. It would be nice to have your name attached to something worthwhile reading and looking at. So you made a promise to yourself to keep on searching until you find that one great item. However, you needed funding for your searches as well since they didn't come cheap. You needed to have fare for places which could be airplanes away.  Likewise, you needed food to keep on living. And you were able to have all the budget you needed through your research works. You acted as the ghost writer for most researchers. Then again, the topic should only focus on ancient stuffs and places.

It helped a lot in your travels. Since you were able to research about them, you were able to identify the features a place had. But there  were still some surprises that you weren't able to uncover in your researches. One of them was that you couldn't easily escape the shrine once you're inside. Play Ancient Shrine Escape room escape game by 365 Escape.

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