Ancient Gongtats 4 - Diamond Bridge Game

Ancient Gongtats 4 - Diamond Bridge

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Danhill City used to be a small mining town with a population of 145. Frequent accidents made it a dangerous location to be. Three-quarters of the townsfolk moved away because of the living conditions. Furthermore, the caves have been slowly depleting. Soon, only thirty miners and their families remained. When an earthquake hit the town,  two caves opened from beneath the mines. The miners where stunned to find scores of diamond veins inside each cave. They mined these veins everyday and it seemed like the caves were never going to run out. The townsfolk had amassed great wealth but being simple folk, they enjoyed drinking with friends and valued their families more than anything.

As thanks giving to the creator, they constructed a bridge using diamonds as the foundation over Ashen Lake. For the next thirty years, the Danhill Town became a city, and with it, the population grew once more. Years passed, the citizens had forgotten the gift of the thirty miners, saved for their grandchildren who all knew the story very well. Their families' fortunes had run out and are now living by humble means, for mining is all they knew by heart. The children argued with their parents. The diamonds are still there onside the very corners of the bridge but their parents won't listen. The children finally decided to take matters into their own hands.

Ancient Gongtats 4 - Diamond Bridge is a really amazing new escape game made by Ainars for Escape Fan. Let's explore this diamond bridge to escape!


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