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Ancient Building
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While most people visit the country for its tall modern buildings, you visit it for the ancient building. You've read a lot about it. And you also imagined being inside it. However, you never thought this could happen. This trip was an unexpected one. You were just walking on the street when your friend came running towards you. You can't really tell if she's happy or worried. So you just waited for her to speak. Luckily, she was all smiles as she was telling you of this trip. You wanted to smile as wide as her but you instantly wonder how this could happen. She said her cousin is going there with a friend but the friend backed out. So she suggested that you go with her cousin. You weren't so sure about it at first. But when she mentioned the place, you readily agreed.

Now you're here and you're basking in the remains of ancient history. You can't wait to take amazing photographs and put it up on your blog. So you ask permission from your friend's cousin to explore the place on your own. He's hesitating but lets you walk off in the end. And you're living your dream. But you just have a little trouble of finding your way out. Play Ancient Building room escape game by 5n Games.

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