Alphabet Picture Room Escape Game

Alphabet Picture Room Escape
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Alphabet Picture Room Escape is Japanese point and click escape game from Yomino Kagura. Assume in this game you are a maths teacher who had been dealing with children at home as a private teacher. One day you got a phone call from a new prospective student who had got relatively bad marks for his exams and tests and wanted to improve his knowledge with extra classes. You chose an appropriate time for both of you and assigned it for the studying. Two days later he arrived on schedule and you spent a couple of hours with solving equations and practising the difficult tasks. When you were ready he left and you started to cook a dinner for yourself. While you were stirring the soup you realized you run out of its most important ingredient. You wanted to rush o the supermarket but found the entrance locked and the keys were missing. Find hidden objects around the house and fit them together to get out. Good luck!



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