Alice Palace Escape Game

Alice Palace Escape

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Alice Palace Escape is a point 'n click game from The Escape Games. Assume one day you were making the shopping in the supermarket with your wife when you glanced a newspaper on a shelf. It promoted spectacular areas of your country. You took it from the shelf and took a look inside. On the first page you could find an article which recommended a place to be visited with children. It was a palace decorated as the palace of a princess from a popular tale. You decided to surpirse them and saturday morning you woke them up early and said you were going to your grandparents to help them around the garden. They just became suspicious when you headed toward the wrong direction on the highway. When you arrivd to the palace they were astonished and fascinated. You bought a family ticket and released them to explore the place. You couldn't keep up with them so decided to roam around alone. Hours later you realized the palace was empty. You went to check the entrance of it but dound it locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!



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