Alice House - The Pool of Tears Game

Alice House - The Pool of Tears
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The Pool of Tears is second episode of Japanese point'n click game Alice House from Funky Land. Assume your classmaster announced a competition in your class. The goal of the contest was to acquaint the students with the ages when your parents were raised up. The winner could get a free day from the school during a tutotial day. When the teacher said it all of you immediately became interested. The next day after the school you rushed into your grandparent's house in order to search for something with which you could introduce the childhood of your parents. They had a very big mansion so it took you hours until you managed to find something useful. When you felt it could be enough to make a good presentation you wanted to leave but found the entrance locked and your grandparents were away. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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