Air Balloon Game

Air Balloon

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What better way to start the year and surprise your friend than by going on an air balloon. Your grandfather was once one of the greatest flyer of air balloon. He used to explore different places going farther and farther every time. Until strong winds caught up to him and he fell. It was a tragic incident for all of you but you believe it was not meant to stop you. Your father is starting with his air balloon adventures. He usually takes you when the weather is bright and calm. He doesn't want to take any random chances. While you're way up high with him, he shares his  knowledge and wisdom not only in balloons but in life as well. However, he doesn't want you going on a trip alone so he keeps the equipment carefully. He only lets you take control when he's around.

Then again, it's the New Year and the start of many new things in life. You want to surprise your friend who's feeling under the weather these past few days. And what better way to surprise him than by getting on balloon and dropping feel-good things for him. You have a wonderful plan but you first need to find where the balloon is around the house. Air Balloon is an outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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