Aid Santa To Escape Game

Aid Santa To Escape

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Santa Claus is coming to town! Together with his reindeer, Santa Claus is ready to take over the world to give gifts to nice children. The Christmas spirit lingers as you hear his "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Everyone is waiting for him to arrive. But there's just some sort of a problem. His sleigh went down and he landed to an unknown place. Maybe that's the sign for him to his reduce weight.But before all that, you need to aid Santa to escape. Given that, he needs to deliver the gifts to the Children before Christmas eve. Every child expects something from him and they'll be disappointed if Santa won't make it. On the good note, your helping hand is there to aid him.

But first, you need to collect all the gifts that he lost. Second, items that you can use to aid Santa Claus and lastly, find clues that can help you to solve this puzzle. The pressure is now on you. Santa Claus, the reindeer, and the children are counting on you. Aid Santa To Escape is the newest point and click outdoor escape game by Yolk Games. Can you make it on time? Play the game to find out.

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