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Aerojet Escape

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You're smoothly flying over the desert when something weird starts happening. The plane makes some strange noises and loses altitude fast. You try to control it with all your might. But you're only able to make it slowly land on the ground. However, despite the safe landing, the inside of the plane is topsy-turvy. Some of your essentials for survival are among the clutter. You're too shaken up to start going through the stuffs. So you sit somewhere safe for a while. After calming down for a bit, you begin to feel the need for food and water. You want to go somewhere and search for it but you also just want to leave this place immediately. You're in the middle of the desert and water and food is surely scarce. Plus the sun is beating down on you hard.

So instead of wasting your energy looking for food and water, you use your energy to search for your jetpack. You'll be using this to get back in the air and get to your destination. But it's not as easy as you think it will be. Play Aerojet Escape room escape game by Ajaz Games and escape the desert and all its harsh challenges.

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