Abducted By Aliens 3 Game

Abducted By Aliens 3

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Abducted By Aliens 3 is a game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Imagine in this game you are a scientist who had been dealing with examining the solar system for years. One day you were srcutinizing the sky in search of new objects in the space when suddenly you glanced a spot moving fast toward the Earth. It reached its atmosphere fast and landed in your garden. A laser beam went through the wall of your house and it sipped you inside the spaceship. They took you far away from the Earth and dropped you out on a planet which was uninhabited by strange but friendly creatures. They helped you to get used to the new lifestyle as soon as possible but one day you were fed up with the whole place and wented to leave home. One of your friends there was a scientist too and built a machine which could teleport you home but you didn't know his location. Search for different clues and fit them together to find it. Good luck and have fun!



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