Abducted by Aliens 2 Game

Abducted by Aliens 2

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Abducted by Aliens 2 is a game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. This is the sequel to the Abducted by Aliens a game where you are a scientist who had been examining the sky with his special telescope for years. One day you managed to point a strange objects on the sky which started to approach toward you. A laser beam sucked you into the board of an alien spaceship and carried you onto the surface of an unknown planet. The inhabitants of this strange world were friendly and you made friendship with them easily. One day you told them they were from the Earth and for the biggest surprise they became angry at you, then inprisoned you into the local jail. As it turned out they were the enemy of your planet. In the prison you got acquaint with a creature who could organize a transport you back to the Earth but at first you had to escape from there and find his friend nearby. Search for different objects around and fit them together to make your way there. Good luck!



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