Abandoned Underworld Escape Game

Abandoned Underworld Escape

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When you set sail from the coast of Greece, you'd never thought that the journey would change your life. You were sent to deliver a grain shipment to the Persians, but the ship ran into a storm on the second day. It was chaotic. The ship started to sink, yu fell into the water and a whirlpool pulled you down. You thought it was the end. However, the gods held a different fate for you. You regained consceousness on an island. You saw nobody else. The night came and you noticed a strange creature in the river. When you went closer, you saw it was a beautiful girl. She noticed you but didn't run away. You fell in love with each other and eventually spent two whole days together. On the third day, Posseidon himseld came and took her away. It turned out she was his daughter. You built a boat and followed them. This is where she's being locked. Free her!

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