Abandoned Mill Escape Game

Abandoned Mill Escape

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Most of the people in your village knows you as a genius. Not many people own computers in your village. But you're one of the lucky ones. And instead of being afraid of it, you explore every feature of it. You also find yourself a way to have an internet connection. Most of the lessons you have are from YouTube videos. No one can teach you anything about programming in your village. But you still manage to successfully create some programs that help your village. The city people heard of your abilities and want to meet with you. Yet you find it very awkward to have people ask about what you made. Nobody in your village asks about it yet they make use of it. But some of the city people are doubting about the authenticity of your programs. And they challenge you to prove your skills to them.

They invite you to a place where the skills needed for freedom are those of programming. But you have no formal education on programming. And all you have are your passion for learning to do it. Will your passion be enough to get out of the mill? Play Abandoned Mill Escape is a room escape game by WoW Escape.

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