Abandoned Island Easter Bunny Escape Game

Abandoned Island Easter Bunny Escape

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People who discovered the Earth after Colombus, who managed to sail from Europe to America for the first time ever, usually carried animals with them onboard, in order to settle them on freshly discovered lands. The main character of this game is a little bunny which is the descendent of the rabbits who were settled into a small island. An infection swept over the whole population of human and rabbits as well, and left him the only survivor. He decided to wander into the building which used to serve as the hospital to end his pain, that he experienced as the side effect of the plague. Upon searching for the last remaining pieces of the appropriate medicines he started the feel the ground was shaking under his legs. A couple of minutes later it magnified and the ceiling collapsed, blocking the entrance. Find hidden objects and fit them together to guide him out. Best of luck!

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