Abandoned Hostel Escape Game

Abandoned Hostel Escape

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It's your first time traveling with friends. You usually travel with an agency. But your friends want to experience what it's like discovering everything new in a certain place. You see their point as well. You'll get to meet a whole lot of new people when you're travelling on your own than with an agency. Likewise, you have more control of your time. Then again, you know it's going to be quite a hassle as you need to prepare things for yourself. You're thinking that you'll never go on a trip if you're going to work on it. You go on a trip to enjoy and relax. Your travel agency usually takes care of all the things for the travel. You're just informed about where to go. And likewise what to eat. However, you're given time to explore the places. And reasonable duration.

But things are different with your friends. So you made sure to have extra patience with you. And things slowly took a turn for the worse. Not one of the directions looked clear. Will you be all right? Play Abandoned Hostel Escape room escape game by Mouse City. An abandoned hostel is your refuuge. It has so many stories to tell.


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