Abandoned Forest Building Escape Game

Abandoned Forest Building Escape

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Strange... You've been in this forest numerous times, but never happened to see this building. Well, it's not really a building now, it's more like ruins. But how did you miss it so far? What's the story behind it? Nobody told you about it before, it seems nobody knew it existed. You have a strange feeling about this, but you still push forward and enter the ruin. But be careful though. You don't know what you might find. Maybe it will be a terrible, dark secret you'll reveal, or maybe you'll find a treasure chest full of gold. Who knows?

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  1. Date: June 19, 2016
    Author: Laughindaisy
    Tried using the knife, it sticks and could not release it, so I restarted, did the same thing again...
    • Date: June 19, 2016
      Author: laughindaisy
      Update: The knife stuck because I tried using it on the wrong bear ( the one not hidden). Although it shouldn't stick, I had no problem with it when using it on the correct bear.

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