Abandoned Bungalow House Escape 2 Game

Abandoned Bungalow House Escape 2

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Ever since you were little, you've been living inside a mansion. You don't completely hate it. You get to play hide and seek with your friends inside the house. Sometimes, when you get tired, you just forget to find your friends and play other games instead. They end up just waiting in one of the rooms. And just come out by themselves. Other times, you play racing on the halls. It's wide enough not to easily bump on people and objects. However, you feel you've lost the feeling of awe and wonder of the big house. Especially because you rarely get to see your family inside. Since your rooms are very well-equipped, they can just stay inside the whole day and have what they need. So you're mostly alone with no one to talk to except the helpers. You can't live like this any longer.

And so you decided to buy yourself a bungalow house. You plan to live alone and a bungalow would be just right. You acquired this property through a friend. So you don't know much about how it looks like and functions. Still you scheduled the day of your settling in. And that's when you discovered one big detail about this house. Play Abandoned Bungalow House Escape 2 room escape game by Knf Games and discover its secret.


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