Abandoned Air Base Escape Game

Abandoned Air Base Escape

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You really want to become a pilot but it's too expensive to enroll in the flying school. Because of this, you thought that you could do self-study. So you read tons of books about aircrafts. But this would be useless if you can't fly an actual airplane. Since you don't have a pilot license, you can't fly any aircraft legally. So you went to the abandoned air base to practice your skills. You were hoping that there is an old airplane in there so you can at least ride on it. And thankfully, there is. You finally saw an airplane personally and you are happy about it even though you don't have the key to it. But the key to the airplane is not the only key that you don't possess. You also don't have the key to this air base.

You just broke in illegally and now that you are trapped inside, you can't ask any help from anybody. Those books that you read didn't teach you how to escape from the airbase. But you can always think of your own way to make this happen. Play Abandoned Air Base Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape and use your logic to escape. Good luck!

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