30 Minutes Escape Game

30 Minutes Escape

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Time's speed is relative. It can be too fast or too slow. You're also the same. Your speed in whatever you do depends on how you feel about the task in front of you. Sometimes, if you like what you're doing, you're very fast. It seems like you can just easily breeze through the processes you need to pass. Other times, you're so slow. It's getting to the point where you're stuck trying to figure out the smallest things. It can get so frustrating at times. But you're starting to accept this fact and channel your energy into worthwhile activities. Then again, it's not always that you get to go on your pace. It's not always helpful as you can be stubborn. But it can act as your spring board to do greater things.

This time, you need all the motivation to move fast. You accidentally set up the self-destruction mode on your headquarters. This can be found somewhere not very hidden. It is  so you can have easy access to it when the need arise. However, because of this conspicuousness, you can also accidentally cause it to start. Good thing it has 30 minutes on it before it goes off. 30 Minutes Escape is a room escape game by Kids Jolly Tv.


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